Mormon Doctrine

Latter Day Saint's Goal

Godhood as Their Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of Mormonism is to become a god.  This goal is also called exaltation, gaining eternal life, and having an eternal family.  While the goal of godhood is often understated, these synonyms are front-and-center in Mormonism.

Chapter 1 of Gospel Principles is titled "Our Father in Heaven".  On page 10 the question "Why should we try to know God?" is answered:

The more we know God, the more we love him and keep his commandments (see 1 John 2:3).  By keeping his commandments we can become like him1 (emphasis added)

Chapter 47 of Gospel Principles is titled "Exaltation".  On page 302 the phrase "we can become like him" is expanded.  Under the heading "Blessings of Exaltation", we read:

Those who receive exaltation in the celestial kingdom through faith in Jesus Christ will receive special blessings ... They will become gods. 2

This principle of progression towards and attainment of godhood is widely written and spoken about within the Mormon church.

Bretheren, 225,000 of you are here tonight.  I suppose 225,000 of you may become gods.  There seems to be plenty of space out there in the universe." 3

He that overcomes shall retain his name in the book of life, reach godhood, and be with Jesus as he is with the Father. 4

Godhood is the ultimate goal of the Mormon gospel:

On the other hand, the whole design of the gospel is to lead us onward and upward to greater achievement, even eventually, to godhood.  This great possibility was enunciated by the Prophet Joseph Smith in the King Follet sermon ... and emphasized by President Lorenzo Snow.  It is a grand and incomparable concept:  As God now is, man may become!  5

The foundational passage for their doctrine of godhood is Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) 132:19,20.  These verses describe the final destiny of faithful Mormons:

They shall pass by the angels, and the gods, which are set there, to their exaltation and glory in all things, as hath been sealed upon their heads, which glory shall be a fulness and a continuation of the seeds forever and ever.

Then shall they be gods, because they have no end; therefore shall they be from everlasting to everlasting because they continue; then shall they be above all, because all things are subject unto them.  Then shall they be gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them.